Top of the line Web hosting providers for small scale businesses

If you are looking forward to starting an independent small venture, you need a website. In order, to make an efficient and effective website you require web hosting. Webhosting is essential to make your website accessible throughout the globe. Thus, it is important that you choose the right one.

There are a number of providers available for web hosting services. Hence, it becomes difficult to decide which one to go with especially for the ones who don’t have any previous experience or guidance. Following are few top of the line web hosting providers you should consider while making a website for your small scale business. These will help you make an informed decision about which one you should purchase. Note that all of them are convenient to use, reliable and provide excellent technical support.

  • iPage is perfect for beginners. It is affordable, reliable and provides an easy to use interface. Not only is it one of the cheapest web hosting provider going around but one of the most recognized one too. It offers infinite bandwidth and space. With around the clock technical support, supporting tools, simple WordPress integration and money back guarantee of one month it stands out. It must also be taken into account that they offer their own interface and not the CP panel.
  • BlueHost is ideal for people who want to use WordPress as their CMS. It excels in providing secure and easy to use hosting. It offers infinite bandwidth and space. The professional technical help is available throughout the day but the wait time can sometimes be large. It is also relatively expensive but it offers a free domain name.
  • NameCheap, as the name suggests, is the most cost efficient. It provides infinite bandwidth and space. In addition to this, it offers free DNS, a 2-week money back guarantee and easy to use interface. Although it is widely popular yet it offers no live support.
  • HostGator with its compatibility with WordPress, infinite bandwidth, 45-day money back guarantee, around the clock support and one-click installations can be a suitable choice.
  • DreamHost is ideal for people who need fast and easy to use websites. Almost 3-month money back guarantee makes a statement about its reliability. It offers infinite space and bandwidth, 24 hours support, compatibility with WordPress and one click installation. However, it does not provide with a user-friendly interface and is expensive comparatively.

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