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How to Move your WordPress sites to a new hosting company without downtime

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How to switch web host from old to new without downtime

If you are not pleased with the way your current hosting service is performing, you need to change them before they drive your customers away. But the worry of many site owners is how to prevent downtime. Of course, avoiding downtime is worth considering, and this article is going to show you how to maintain uptime even as you switch from your old host to a new one.

Get a new web host provider
This tactic is used by many smart guys and gals when bolting out of the relationship. You don’t dish your old boyfriend until you have a new one, call it double dating it’s all your opinion. With your boy or girl friend tactics, you can do the same to your snail speed web host for a new blazing speed host. Your first step is to find the right web host and sign up. But be careful with your new hosting services that you don’t go from frying pan to fire! It is important to get the right storage space, bandwidth, server configuration and cost before switching. You are not canceling your older hosting plan yet until you have finally moved and done great with your new host.

Do a backup of your site and move all files to your new host

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